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The calibrator HD2060 generates mechanical vibration amplitude controlled with precision and frequency stabilized by a quartz.

Coupling a transducer to the vibrating base of the calibrator it is possible to check its sensitivity to acceleration, velocity or displacement. The presence of a rechargeable internal battery, the weight and the small dimensions as well as the low sensitivity to environmental parameters make it easy to use the calibrator in the field.


  • In-the-field calibration of acceleration, velocity and displacement transducers.
  • Calibration of acceleration sensors used for the measurement of vibrations transmitted to men in the workplace, according to the standard ISO 8041:2005.
  • Calibration of acceleration sensors used to evaluate buildings vibration.

The calibrator is equipped with screws and accessories for mounting the transducers, with external power supply for charging the battery and with a calibration report.

Teklif Sepetine Ekle
Maximum load of the vibrating baseTraction force: 10 N
Pressure: 30 N
Transverse: 2 N
Mass of the transducerMaximum 250 g at 15.915 Hz
Maximum 30 g at 159,155 Hz
Emission frequency tolerance± 0,1%
Emission amplitude tolerance± 3%
DistortionLess than 3% at 15,915 Hz Less than 0,5% at 159,155 Hz
Duration of individual emissionSettable from 120 sec to 10 min . Automatic turn OFF
Transverse accelerationLess than 10% at 15,915 Hz Less than 20% at 159,155 Hz
Working temperature/ RH0…+40 °C / 0…85 % RH not condensing
Stabilization timeLess than 30 s
DisplayBacklit with indication of: Frequency generated Acceleration generated Stabilization of the vibration Remaining battery charge Calibration deadline
Power supplyRechargeable NiMH battery pack 1.2V x 4, capacity 1600 mA/h (BAT-40) Stabilized power supply voltage 100-240 Vac / 12 Vdc 1 A (SWD10)
Authonomy with full charged battery2 hours of continuous use at 15,915 Hz 7 hours of continuous use at 159,155 Hz
Battery charging time4 hours at 12 Vdc 1A